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DOLPi-UI – a diy UVIR/Polarization Imager

David Prutchi's DOLPi-UI Universal UVIR and Polarization Camera

I developed the DOLPi-UI filter-wheel-based all-mode camera capable of working in the infrared-visible-ultraviolet range both for imaging and polarimetric analysis. I added a FLIR Lepton® module to extend the camera’s imaging capability (though not polarimetry) to the longwave IR (“thermal” IR).

DOLPi-UI is based on the Raspberry Pi NoIR camera, two servos, two filter wheels, a servo hat, and a Raspberry Pi 2.

The bandpass filter wheel is populated with the following filters:

  1. Blank for full-spectrum imaging
  2. IR bandstop (e.g. Schott BG-39 glass) for visible-range imaging
  3. IR longpass at 680nm
  4. IR longpass at 780nm
  5. Infrared-supressed near-UV (stack of Schott UG-1 + BG-39 glass filters)

The polarization analyzer filter wheel is rotated by a 90⁰ servo. It is populated with the following filters:

  1. Blank for non-polarized imaging
  2. Wire-grid polarizer film at 0⁰
  3. Wire-grid polarizer film at 90⁰
  4. Wire-grid polarizer film at 45⁰
  5. Wire-grid polarizer film at -45⁰
  6. RH circular polarizer
  7. LH circular polarizer

Very detailed construction and use instructions for the DOLPi-UI camera are available in the following whitepaper: DOLPi_Polarimetric_Camera_D_Prutchi_2015_v5.  More details on the construction process are also available in my other blog diyPhysics.com.

This project was a winner in the prestigious 2015 Hack-a-Day Prize!

David Prutchi PhD with the DOLPi Universal Imager




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