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Near-Infrared (850 nm) Pictures of the Nasca (Nazca) Lines in Peru

My daughter Abigail and I recently took a trip to Peru.  Along my Canon 6D, I took my modified Canon T1i so that I could take UV and IR pictures.  For our flight over the Nasca Lines I built a bracket to hold the cameras side-by-side, and rigged them to fire simultaneously when one of


d.i.y. High-Power, Swappable-Head, UV/IR/Visible LED Flashlight with Intensity Control

Some time ago I needed a high-intensity UV/IR/visible light source for a work-related industrial inspection project, so I recruited Abigail to help me build a 10W LED flashlight that features swappable UV/IR/visible heads. We decided to document the build since this flashlight would fit nicely in a photographer’s kit for light painting, IR illumination, UV


DOLPi-UI – a diy UVIR/Polarization Imager

I developed the DOLPi-UI filter-wheel-based all-mode camera capable of working in the infrared-visible-ultraviolet range both for imaging and polarimetric analysis. I added a FLIR Lepton® module to extend the camera’s imaging capability (though not polarimetry) to the longwave IR (“thermal” IR). DOLPi-UI is based on the Raspberry Pi NoIR camera, two servos, two filter wheels, a servo