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DOLPi Camera Wins Gadget Freak of the Year Award!

David Prutchi won Design News’ prestigious “Gadget Freak of the Year” award for his development of the DOLPi diy Polarimetric Cameras. David will present the DOLPi project at MD&M West in February 2017.  The award will be presented at the Golden Mousetrap Awards Ceremony during the show. Design News’ Golden Mousetrap Awards are part of UBM’s


CCD B&W Video Cameras for Near-UV Real-Time Viewing

Real-time viewing of scenes in the near-UV has applications in creative UV photography, astronomy, and forensics . There are a number of CCD video cameras optimized for ultraviolet imaging that use sensors that are specifically designed for this application.  Many of these are based on Sony’s ICX-407BLA CCD chip, which is a Lumogen-coated sensor usable


Jena, Germany – Capital of the Optics Industry

Jena is a town in eastern Germany, which is arguably the World’s capital of the optics industry. Its reputation in optics came in the 19th Century after Carl Zeiss – a microscope maker – met physicist Ernst Abbe, and glass maker Otto Schott. In the 1880s the three formed the basis of today’s premier optical


Welcome to UVIRimaging.com!

Welcome to UVIRimaging.com.  A blog about diy photography and imaging beyond the visible spectrum. In this blog I’ll present my hands-on work on ultraviolet, infrared, polarization, and other imaging modalities beyond normal human vision. More detailed information on these techniques is available in my book “Exploring Ultraviolet Photography: Bee Vision, Forensic Imaging, and Other Near Ultraviolet