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Modified Stock DSLR vs. UVIR FinePix Pro – Which One Wins at UV?

In the film days, police forensic units were the main users of ultraviolet photography. As digital photography started to replace film, forensic units felt left behind the times. In August 2006, Fuji started marketing a UV/IR version of their FinePix S3 Pro DSLR. The camera was aimed primarily at law enforcement, scientific, medical, and fine


d.i.y. High-Power, Swappable-Head, UV/IR/Visible LED Flashlight with Intensity Control

Some time ago I needed a high-intensity UV/IR/visible light source for a work-related industrial inspection project, so I recruited Abigail to help me build a 10W LED flashlight that features swappable UV/IR/visible heads. We decided to document the build since this flashlight would fit nicely in a photographer’s kit for light painting, IR illumination, UV


DOLPi-UI – a diy UVIR/Polarization Imager

I developed the DOLPi-UI filter-wheel-based all-mode camera capable of working in the infrared-visible-ultraviolet range both for imaging and polarimetric analysis. I added a FLIR Lepton® module to extend the camera’s imaging capability (though not polarimetry) to the longwave IR (“thermal” IR). DOLPi-UI is based on the Raspberry Pi NoIR camera, two servos, two filter wheels, a servo


New Book on Near-UV Photography

My new book “Exploring Ultraviolet Photography: Bee Vision, Forensic Imaging, and Other Near Ultraviolet Adventures with Your DSLR” is now available on Amazon for pre-order. In this book, I will show you how to select equipment that allows you to capture otherworldly UV images. You’ll learn how to use filters that block visible light and