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Thank you for your interest in my webpage on UVIR imaging. Please note that due to time constraints, I cannot address every request for help that we receive. Before you contact me, please understand that:


  • My correspondence is necessarily limited. I do not provide free support. If you are interested in hiring my services on a consultancy basis, please request current hourly and daily rates.
  • I am a law-abiding, peace-loving citizen. I will not help you develop weapon systems or illegal devices based on the technologies that I experiment with. I will immediately report such requests to the authorities.
  • I don’t want to compromise the security of our country. If you are a government agent (FBI, CIA, DEA, FDA, FAA, etc.) and find material in these pages that you find objectionable, please contact me so that we can rectify the situation.
  • I am not interested in receiving advertisement. I explicitly prohibit you or any automatic address-collection agent to add this e-mail address to an advertisement or any other list. You are also prohibited from adding this address to any contacts list that can be accessed by the public either in print or through electronic means.

With this in mind, and if you would still like to contact me, please e-mail me at: